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Protected: Oncurious is developing next-generation I/O cancer treatments

Oncurious is preparing a preclinical proof of concept from its portfolio of immuno-oncology assets acquired from VIB, the Flemish Institute of Biotechnology.

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“An aspiring name to reflect our focus and ambition”

“The new name comes from combining the words Oxygen and Orion”, explains CEO Patrik De Haes, MD. “Raising oxygen levels in cells plays a key role in helping prevent and reverse ...

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“Looking at the future of immuno-oncology therapy”

This past year Oncurious concluded an agreement with VIB to acquire exclusive licenses to a portfolio of five innovative immuno-oncology assets. Those unique new targets ...

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Fighting brain cancer in children

Medulloblastoma is the most common malignant brain tumor, accounting for 20% of all brain tumors in children. This very aggressive type of cancer affects mostly young children ...