Benjamin Yerxa: “Oxurion remains innovator in novel retinal therapies”

Foundation Fighting Blindness is a global nonprofit organization devoted to providing treatments, prevention and cures for blinding retinal diseases. CEO Benjamin Yerxa sees a huge medical need in neuroprotection and preventing degeneration of the retina.

“There is currently an explosion in R&D activities in the retinal space. Numerous potential new therapies are ready for translation into clinical studies, making this a truly exciting time for the eye community,” says Benjamin Yerxa, CEO of Foundation Fighting Blindness.

With its focus on diabetic eye disease, Oxurion contributes to these developmental evolutions in retinal disease. Benjamin Yerxa says the company has always been among the leaders in this area. “I think Oxurion is true to its nature, and that gives it serious credibility in the community. They’ve been working on novel treatments for retinal diseases for a long time and remain an innovator. That sets them apart from many other companies and gives confidence for the future.”

Foundation Fighting Blindness is constantly looking for new research and development of novel therapies. It funds academic researchers to search for new discoveries or interventions based on the action mechanism of diseases. The Foundation focuses on inherited and age-related retinal disorders, but Benjamin Yerxa also points to important synergies in researching genetic eye diseases and larger indications like diabetic retinopathy.

“The disease processes show similarities. If we could discover and develop a compound that is neuroprotective and helps prevent retinal degeneration, that would be helpful in inherited retinal diseases but also in DR and age-related retinal disorders.”

August 9th, 2018