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The new Perspectives Magazine 2020 is here

The new issue of Oxurion Perspectives magazine is here. Read about last year's highlights and the ambitious times ahead.

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Oxurion NV Partners with Prevent Blindness to Educate Public on Diabetes-related Eye Disease

Both Oxurion and Prevent Blindness join forces during November to educate the public on risk factors, symptoms, treatment options, and financial assistance resources.

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3 reasons why we need to raise diabetic eye disease awareness

Diabetic eye diseases affect millions of people globally, and still there's a high unmet need in diagnosis and treatment. It's high time to get the message across to risk groups.

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Sehnaz Karadeniz on tackling diabetes and related vision problems

Diabetic eye disease is currently one of the leading causes of preventable blindness in the working population worldwide. Early treatment and diagnosis is crucial for prevention.

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Creating Diabetic Eye Disease Awareness with Prevent Blindness

This November, in support of Diabetic Eye Disease Awareness Month, Oxurion is partnering with Prevent Blindness and its sight saving efforts.

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“Cutting-edge research can change people’s lives”

“Partnerships with the industry and biotech companies like Oxurion are crucial to us,” says Jeff Todd, President & CEO of Prevent Blindness US.

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Rajat Agrawal: “Join forces to fight eye disease in developing countries”

“In those parts of the world there are many patients who lack access to routine retinal care,” Dr. Agrawal explains. “We aim to provide clinical care by sending retina ...

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“Training ophthalmologists to fight blindness in developing countries”

“Our key ambition is to put an end to avoidable blindness worldwide,” says Isabelle Verhaegen, Director of Light for the World. “Creating awareness of eye diseases really is ...

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“Oxurion remains innovator in novel retinal therapies”

“There is currently an explosion in R&D activities in the retinal space. Numerous potential new therapies are ready for translation into clinical studies, making this a truly ...